New Oxford Section Google Calendar

New Oxford Section Google Calendar
New Oxford Section Google Calendar

There have been some updates to the Oxford Section Google Calendar, as seen on the section website in the sidebar. The calendar now has a ‘grid’ layout with red on light grey background for the current day and yellow numerals for days with events – if you ‘hover’ your mouse pointer over the day it will show you the event detail. Below this we have the next five events listed which will update automatically.

The definitive Oxford Section calendar is held in a Google Calendar and automatically updates the section website in the right hand sidebar. The Google calendar is also used as the reference source for the published calendar in the Journal, in the annual Diary of Events and also for Facebook. We will aim to keep the Google Calendar as up to date as possible which has worked well in the past.

Facebook has a very powerful Events feature which we will start to use in 2015 for major events. What this means is that the master calendar will still be in Google calendar, visible on the section web site, but we will create corresponding Facebook events to alert members to major events via Facebook. With Facebook events people can indicate whether they are able to attend which can be useful for some events.

PS Hope you like the new colour scheme that was a lot of work!




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  1. Like it! It makes things easier!

    Can you publish a link to subscribe to it? That way we could include it in out calendar in our phones/computers.

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