BMW Motorrad 20/20 Promotion

Winter is beginning to creep up on us and The 20/20 Service Offer is now well under way. North Oxford Garage have produced their own version of the promotion information for us to digest and remind us of what is on offer.

For a larger view click on Motorcycle Cllub Offer NOG or the image.

Club 20/20 Offer


Author: bobmack70

2 thoughts on “BMW Motorrad 20/20 Promotion

  1. Thanks Bob, this is a very good deal from BMW Motorrad and if we would like it to continue then we need to make use of it! Best wishes Steve

  2. Hello All,

    Yes we need to use the 20/20 or we will loose it. By using the discount we will be putting The BMW Club on the dealers Doorstep, good for them, good for “The Club” and firms up our enthusiasm to Motorrad.

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