Lechlade Camping Weekend

The wet and windy weather which had stayed around for the rest of the week after washing out the Diamond Jubilee celebrations meant that most of the people who had booked to camp at Lechlade decided to stay at home rather than risk another soaking.
Thank You to the ones that took the time to phone the camp site and let them know, this is always appreciated as it ensures we continue to be welcome there in future.
I took My van to Lechlade on Thursday evening to use as base camp for the weekend and was woken up several times during the night by the sound of rain and the wind rocking the van. On Friday morning it was still raining and there were ducks paddling around the camp site.
Fortunately for the few who did brave the elements the rain finally stopped on Friday afternoon and the weather improved considerably, I even got sunburnt sitting outside on Saturday afternoon.
The ride out on Saturday went ahead as planned and it stayed dry all day. Having only 4 bikes allowed us to be flexible with the route and a detour to Folly Tower at Faringdon was added to the itinery, before going on to Cogges Museum.
The ruturn route went via My house so I was able to leave the bike at home and get a lift back to Lechlade(Thanks Chris)

So I did not have to load the bike back in to the van to take it home on Sunday morning.
On returning to the camp site it was a quick shower and shave before heading in to Lechlade for dinner and another late night in the pub
.On Sunday morning there was still no rain so the few tents on site were packed away dry before going for a late breakfast in town and then heading for home.
I’ve already booked Myself in at the camp site for next year Friday 31st of May and Saturday 1st of June The weekend after the second May bank holiday again.


Author: davidr1150