Letters To The Editor

In the June 2020 Newsletter Survey there were 44 responses to the question ‘Would you be in favour of a Letters to the Editor section’? We had a 79% response in favour, so we are going to setup a section in the Newsletter entitled Letters to the Editor.

The Newsletter itself is published once every three to four months. This means that if we were to include your letters in the next Newsletter, the letters would be some three to four months out of date and the content of the letter would have lost its immediacy.

To get around this problem we are proposing to create a supplement to the Newsletter containing your letters that will be published about three weeks after the date that the Newsletter goes out and will be sent out to all members as an email.

For your letters to be published they should be received by the Editor no later than 14 days after the Newsletter’s publication.

The Newsletter editorial team will have the final say as to whether your letter is published. Letters complaining about BMW, politics, sex and religion will not be accepted.

It is hoped that your letters will focus on the articles that were contained in the Newsletter, however we can publish letters that are about new content that would be of general interest to the members.

Please email your letter to;



Author: drdrsteve