RIDE OUT: Watercress Line, Sun 13 Sep



Despite having a few members away in France and Spain this weekend we had a great turnout at the Waterfront Cafe of 20 motorcycles from vintage to the very latest.  The forecast rain stayed away and we had some sunshine, but most importantly it stayed dry right up to the end of the run.  The Watercress Line came up with extra parking and did a good trade in cheap lunches at the station buffet, with an authentic sooty flavour from the steam engines going past.  All the bikes managed to find their way with the dropoffs and no-one got lost, which was a minor miracle considering we were using unclassified roads a lot of the time.  We did have a tricky encounter with a horse but careful riding saw us through with no injuries to animal or machines.  Best wishes to the wife of one of our riders who injured her ankle staying at home, and hope that she recovers soon.



Author: bolderz

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