Willems Ride out to Westons Cider 12th July 2015


Willem asked me to post these words:-

“I arranged a ride with the help of Cecilia to Westons Cider near
Ledbury on Wye on 12 July.

The weather was not looking promising and we thought that we would be
lucky to get a couple of bikes fro the ride. To our absolute amazement
some 17 bikes arrived at the Sun Inn in Swindon for the ride.

We left at 10.00 and took the rural road towards Gloucester and Ross on
Wye. On the approach to Stroud it started to rain and became a substantial
shower which thankfully reduced in intensity the further we went.

We went through Stroud and Gloucester without ever losing anybody and all
arrived safely at Westons Cider near Ledbury.

A new member , Lee, was helped by Dave and Rosemary after discovering two slow punctures(front and rear tyre) on this trip. Please accept my sincere apology for choosing the road with the nails and screws. Funnily we were going to use the road through Nailsworth but due to the rain decided against that.

A large enough group decided to do the cider tour which was interesting
and educational.

Thank you to all for all for trusting me to take you somewhere nice and
thank you for not getting lost. Thank you Cecilia for finding a great
venue to ride to, now could you please do something about the weather next


Author: bobmack70