Lisbon Leanings

For the latest in our occasional series on ‘Two Wheeled Transport Around the World’, we bring you some shots of bikes in Lisbon, Portugal – taken after a recent conference I attended there.

Here is a shot from just outside the hotel where the conference was held.

Here is another machine with some Jacaranda trees in the background – there are lots of these trees around Lisbon.

The white tiles on the ground are very characteristic of Lisbon.  In some areas of the city, they have patterns made by black tiles mixed in with the white, and different patterns are used in different regions of Portugal.  (This information was kindly supplied to me by someone from Denmark).

I walked a few more yards and came across another BMW.   This shot was mainly taken because I liked the white building in the background!


Author: catherinemoxey

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  1. Makes me pine for my old Glacier Green RT………I quite fancy a left hand drive one, for touring.

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