London to Beijing Update 11

I think update 10 should have been 11 so this might be 12.  The heat (36OC) and humidity of Xi’an must be getting to me.  (10 was 10, but there was a small note that I called 10a, so this is update 11 – scribe SJW).

Oh well, ‘only’ 3.5 days riding to Beijing along some of the world’s most crowded and ill disciplined roads to go.

In one respect Xi’an is the psychological end to the trip as it’s the beginning of the Silk Road, so we are having to try and focus on the actual end i.e. Beijing. Some great discoveries here though:

The 2,000 yr old Terracotta Army , photo 1

The 16century 14km city wall, completely intact so you can cycle around it , making it the World’s largest of its kind.  photo 2And most important, 20th century McDonalds, Starbucks, Pizza Hut etc, etc.

How I love embracing the local culture especially after cycling the wall without an 3Look no engines!

If you can enlarge the photo then the likely lads are from l to r: Steve L, John our Chinese guide with us from Kashghar, Andy, Chris, Peter the van driver, Steve B, yours truly, Patrick, and Mel.

Must dash.  Just discovered a KFC.



Author: Nigel richardson

1 thought on “London to Beijing Update 11

  1. Hi Nigel,
    Those terracotta warriors are magnificent aren’t they?
    Did you see the horses and chariot in bronze ? (I think)
    They also have ‘miniature ‘terracotta armies as well!

    Like you ,Wendy and I have cycled around the city walls when we visited Xian.
    It seems to be an evening constitutional. I rememember we were fascinated by the distinctly original rubbish bins !!
    Although No KFC for us !
    Having said that a must do in Beijing is the food market
    Crispy locusts or lizards on a stick. It appeared to us the children were eating whole deep fried starlings !! ( who knows?)
    Failing that get the group around a ‘lazy Susan ‘ table in a good restaurant that only does ‘ Peking duck ‘ . Highly recommended.
    Hope the final days on the bike go well.. Best wishes John and Wendy

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