Meet The Member – Andy Lawson


Name and where you live
Hello. My name is Andy Lawson and I live in Carterton, West Oxfordshire.

What’s your day job?
I recently decided to take voluntary redundancy and early retirement. Prior to this, I was an IT Technical Manager/Consultant for a large IT outsourcing company. After some 43 years working in IT, I’m really looking forward to having more time to do the things I’ve always wanted to. Like going on some midweek Short Notice Ride Outs 😊

How long have you been riding?
I had my first motorbike at 17 – a Honda CB200, which I passed my test on. After that, I had a Suzuki GT550A (two-stroke, three cylinder, three carbs). I sold that just before getting married to have money to go on honeymoon! I surely must have loved my intended, because I certainly loved that motorbike. There was certainly dust in my eyes and a lump in the throat when that went. A few years later, I had a Yamaha XS650 for a while, before selling that and having cars for many years. I then had a long break until 2000, when I acquired a 1986 BMW K75c. This definitely wetted my appetite and reinvigorated memories of the open road. I joined The BMW Club soon after and I then quickly moved on to a R1150RS, followed by two successive and new R1200RT’s

Tell us about your current bike
Back end of last year, I changed tack somewhat, and went from a R1200RTLC to a 2017 R1200LC GSA. I just felt I needed a change and to “feel” the open air and the ride more. I’ve also found, with the current state of our roads, the ride is somewhat smoother. The longer suspension travel of the GSA undoubtedly helps. I still have my old K75c as well as a 2003 K1200RS. In the back of my garage, and in numerous pieces, is a 1957 Douglas Dragon Fly. A project which I hope to undertake sometime.


Can you share a favourite route that you’ve ridden or a memorable trip you’ve made?
I thoroughly enjoy our section overseas trips. I don’t think I’ve found my most memorable trip as yet, as all I’ve been on to date have been very enjoyable and each have had their own special moment or experience. I certainly enjoy riding around the Brecon area, Mid and North Wales.

For you, what’s the best thing about being a motorcyclist?
The first thing I noticed when I started riding again, was breathing in the country air. Of course, being around heavy polluting traffic will have its’ drawbacks, but I still feel the pros out way the cons. There’s just something about the ambience when riding a motorbike, particularly when finding an open road. Although concentration is always an absolute must when riding, there’s also a level of relaxation which is very enjoyable.

And are there any downsides?
I’ve certainly over the years become a fair-weather rider and I make no apologies for that. I know there are many who ride all year, in all weathers, and I take my hat off to them. I used to many years ago, particularly when commuting, but not anymore. Now, my motorbiking is enjoyed and not endured.

If money and/or time weren’t an issue, what would be your ideal trip or what would be your perfect bike?
Oh my goodness, that’s a really difficult one to answer. There are just so many different countries I should like to visit and if money was no object and no commitments, I would set off on a round the world trip to visit them all. I’d also no doubt have a very large garage and a whole fleet of different motorbike makes and models. The problem then of course would be, which one to choose! 😊

Apart from motorcycling, what are your other interests?
In my younger days, I was an avid sports person. Playing rugby, football and cricket at competitive levels. I’ve also been an angler since I was a young boy and enjoy all types of fishing. Recently, I qualified as a Game Fishing Angling Coach and I have a license to coach. As part of this activity, I support a charity called Fishing For Life, which provides free coaching and fly-fishing experience for those either currently with or recovering from breast cancer.
Keep an eye open for an article soon in “and now for something completely different”, where I shall be writing a short article about the charity, how it works and the benefit it can bring.



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