Meetup Rides in 2021 – a review

By James O’Shea


Freedom!  – BMW Oxford Meetup rides again . . . . . . . .

It was never going to be easy . . . the club calendar was published for 2021 and David T. had planned at least two mid-week rideouts each month. But . . .  a nasty virus and a prudent government disrupted these well-laid plans. So we said farewell to Bath, Coventry, Henley, New Milton, Marlborough and Solihull knowing that one day, as General MacArthur promised ‘I will return’.

And so it came to pass. At the end of March it was announced that many restrictions were to be lifted on April 12th.


With the floodgates open, 17 riders signed up for our first jaunt on April 14th. Departing Burford in 3 separate groups we completed a lap of the Cotswolds passing by Cheltenham, Cirencester, Malmesbury until arriving at The Riverside pub at Lechlade on Thames. Our biggest challenge on arrival was finding parking spots and a bit of a wait for food . . . .  apparently quite a lot of other people had the same idea. Could this be back to business as usual?

Groups of 6 continued until July 19th from whence we increased the maximum number of motorcycles to 10 for these rideouts.

We have sustained an average of 2 rideouts each month since then and they are listed below to give a flavour of the many destinations visited. Generally, rides have been planned by David T., Steve M. and James. A big thank you to Frank B for organising a ride to the Super Sausage in September. If you would be willing to plan and lead a mid-week (Wednesday or Thursday) ride in 2022 please speak to any of the above.

Membership of the BMW Club Oxford Motorcycle Riders  Meetup group (which is also open to BMW owners) has now grown to 93 members. If you are not already a member of this group you are very welcome to join.  It is a part of your club membership and there is no additional cost.

Details of rides and routes used can be seen by clicking on Events and then Past on our Meetup homepage at: Past Events | BMW Club Oxford Motorcycle Riders (Oxford, United Kingdom) | Meetup

This is a summary:

  1. April 14 Independence Day!
  2. April 22 Caffeine and Machine, Stratford upon Avon.
  3. May 5 Jolly Boating Weather, Henley.
  4. May 20 British Motor Museum at Gaydon.
  5. June 16  Marlborough Loop
  6. June 23 Coventry Transport Museum
  7. July 7 Skinny Latte run, Moto Corse, Gillingham.
  8. July 22 Charlbury TT
  9. July 28 Rapid Training rideout Wessex Downs
  10. August 11 Loomies Moto Café  West Meon
  11. August 19 Wessex Wanderings
  12. September 8 Super Sausage, Towcester.
  13. September 23 Gilks Café, Kineton.
  14. September 29 South West 500 – Atlantic Highway
  15. October 6 Air Adventures and Bahnstormer Café
  16. October 21 British Motor Museum Gaydon.
  17. November 10 Horse and Groom at Caulcott
  18. November 25 Thanksgiving Ride In – Cirencester
  19. December 8 Coach and Horses Longborough.


Author: James O'Shea