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15 BMW Club Oxford Section BBQ 20150809

The extra challenges the Forestry Commission set us this year were readily met by a stalwart few who arrived early enough to bag both the site and most of the nearest car parking bay. Dave Hawkins had a couple of gazebos set up and had the kettle on for the tea as more people arrived. Trying to protect the car parking area proved amusing with members cars parked at awkward angles and the gaps filled with enormous BMW bikes. A gap was made for the ice cream van though as it was thought members might like to partake of his products after the main course.
Thanks to Rosemary the three brand new BBQ’s were carried across to the BBQ area ready to be unpacked and set up. Each had three legs, a tray for the coals, a splash back, a grid for the food and a couple of wheels plus a bag of assorted bolts and nuts. The team of flat pack experts (?) soon had them assembled and stood in a neat row looking like three Segways ready for the off. Once the dynamic duo of David & Rosemary Hicks had arrived, the arrangements took on a new eagerness to get everything ready for the expected hordes on this fine and sunny day. Bikes arrived in ones and twos and more food appeared to be placed on the tables.
When the main ride out group turned up on time the site looked great and as more bikes arrived the area proved to be a good location with plenty of space. Total numbers of bikes were 20 BMW’s of various models, one each of Harley Davidson, KTM, Honda and Kawasaki; oh, and 21 GS models of various sizes, making the total 45.
When the superb Pavlova arrived I had to take a photograph of it amongst the other excellent sweets as it soon vanished into appreciative mouths.
The afternoon fun was punctuated by a chap called Graham Horne operating a really amazing ‘Drone’ aircraft. After a quick chat, Graham agreed fly the device over the event and took a couple of photographs for us, providing a very different view of the proceedings.
With everyone mucking in to help with the arrangements, setting up and clearing away it made the day one of the best the Club Section has run.
Lots of memories of a fun time and I hope the recently joined new members had a great time meeting up with the more established people and experiencing how good the Oxford Section is.

Regards from John LB


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