Oxford Section BBQ 2015


Hello everybody,

The Oxford Section BBQ in the Savernake Forrest was another great success.

It was difficult to count up because no one would keep still but at least 75 members and  35 bikes.

Weather obviously plays a huge part in the success of an event like this and fortunately, this year, we had a complete contrast to the biblical storms at the event in 2014.

Thanks to those that came and supported us either by organising a ride out, helping on the day, turning up early to bag the spot, bringing scrumptious goodies to eat or just simply turning up and joining in.

Special thanks to Rosemary and David for using up there spare time to go shopping for the main ingredients and to Dave Hawkins for bringing his tea making equipment.

I could go on but it will embarrass those that helped make it a success but they know who they are so a big thanks all round.

As more pics become available we’ll pass them on.



Author: bobmack70

8 thoughts on “Oxford Section BBQ 2015

  1. Thanks Bob, I think Postern Hill is the best barbecue site, great settings and good riding routes. John Broad counted 46 bikes I think? Best wishes Steve

  2. Yes, I’m with John B, 46 bikes at the peak and lots of new faces as well as a visit from President Mike Warrilow. Fantastic day

  3. what a great day and thanks to geoff and steve for the ride out,look forward to next year

  4. Bit of a rideout to make it a fun day on the bike, ending up with a great barbecue with loads of food and lots of good people. The site is ideal for this sort of event and we had the weather to go with it. All in all a great day, and thanks to everyone who helped.

  5. Looks like everybody had a fantastic day . Shame to miss it .
    All those clean bikes and well fed people …what’s it like ?ha ha
    Agree that ride-out / weather/ venue. Make it a great day to remember.
    Where’s my bit of Pavlova then ?

  6. Glad everyone enjoyed themselves, as this makes all the work worthwhile.
    I brought 25 litres of water for the “Tea Shack” and used the lot.
    That’s over 5 gallons of tea and coffee drank by everyone, no wonder demand sometimes outstripped supply!
    Thanks to everyone for their patience when waiting for the kettles to boil.

  7. All the above and more a great day for the club and members… thanks to everyone who did their bit..

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