4 thoughts on “Must be new Bike Season

  1. Hi Bob it looks to be in quite good nick from the photo. Did Kawasaki make a 500 as well, I think they had a 750 twin at one stage?

  2. hello Steve…….it looks better in the photo, than it is, but it is all there and works now that the fuel system is all clear. It hadn’t been run for over 7 years and had fuel that had changed into treacle bunging up the system.
    I’m sure they did a 500 twin. I had a 750 twin for a couple of years and it was vibration free and oil tight.

  3. You’re not wrong there Steve…….just think how well Triumph could have done if they had copied it.
    The Z passed it’s MOT today so I taxed it and went for a blast…….well relatively speaking.

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