Southern Section Bowling – Oxford Win!

On Sunday 9th October we had an excellent bowling match with the Southern Section at the Lakeside Bowl, Thatcham near Newbury. Thanks to Dave Hawkins for arranging the event and to all the Oxford and Southern Section members who turned up to bowl!

Bowling at Thatcham

The results were: (1) Section winners: Oxford 285.84 points/bowler Southern 261.14 points/bowler (2) Winning lane: 17 Ann Mack, Bob Mack, Wendy Ottaway, Catherine Moxey, Steve Moxey (all Oxford) 1544 points (3) Best male bowler: Chris Pike (Southern) 413 points (4) Best female bowler: Ann Mack (Oxford) 375 points.

The winners received comemorative statues from the Lakeside Bowl!


Author: drdrsteve

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  1. yep it was a great day and our thanks to Dave as well………who do you think the trophy looks like?


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