Western Section Skittles – Oxford Win!

Our annual skittles match with Western Section took place at Luckington and was very well attended. Our Western section hosts laid on food at the Old Ship Inn, Luckington, near Chippenham.

Bikes at the Old Ship, Luckington

The Old Ship has a good skittles alley at the back of the pub, and were serving coffee on arrival which was very civilised.

The skittles room

The Western section had some good skittles players, with local knowledge and had even taken the precaution of arranging support from the Midlands section…Janet and John Winn!

Western Section in Action

Andy Lawson did an excellent job to keep the skittles coming…

Andy at Work!

We played two legs and the final result was Oxford Section 2 Western Section 0! Our first win in a few years. Many thanks to our excellent hosts in the Western Section for a good day and we look forward to the rematch in 2012!

The Final Reckoning!

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