NOG Launch Day

The New Bikes looked good and I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these updated toys.

Phil seemed to appreciate the clubs efforts espescially Rosemary and David who were there all day.

Then it snowed and messed up biking again………still it’ll soon melt I suppose.




Author: bobmack70

2 thoughts on “NOG Launch Day

  1. Hi Bob hope the après ski was good!

    Did the new S1000RR appear to be a bug improvement on the old model (which was good)? I was also wondering why BMW would launch a model like this early in February when most owners won’t come out of hibernation until early April. Could it be related to WSB regulations?

    Best wishes Steve

  2. hello Steve………yep apres ski was perfect…….ho ho
    The S1000RR had all sorts of changes that are clearly related to the Superbike effort. For example the swinging arm pivot point is now adjustable. Changes have been made to the engine and its management and position in the frame is different.
    As far as I know the bike has been with journalists since late last year.
    I’ll let you know if it feels any different.

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