Our # 1st non-pub Pub Social!

                             This is a short follow up account of our very first Pub Social and Film Nite + Quiz                                 at the virtual Rose and Crown, Charlton on Tuesday evening (28th April).

What’s not to like? Good company, great conversation, beer or any other beverage you choose, a cracking film and a very testing (not) quiz.  Last Tuesday night saw ten members of the club hunker down over computers/tablets to carry on our strong tradition of meeting regularly but at a very long social distance!

The evening started smoothly with irreverent banter, progressing to comparison of beverages being consumed and expressed admiration for Bob Mack as he left us to undertake his Blood Bike duties. All of this moderated (?) skillfully by our master of ceremonies, Dave Tomlinson.

After 30 minutes we left the Zoom meeting to individually enjoy Anthony Hopkins portrayal of Burt Munro in the film “The World’s Fastest Indian” set in 1967. At the age of 68 riding a much modified Indian Scout motorcycle from 1920, Burt Munro set the world record (which still stands) of 183.59 mph for a motorcycle under 1,000 cc.  We met up after the film and shared our mutual respect for this New Zealand legend.

Then to the serious intellectual challenge of the evening (shurely shum mistake?). Ranging from what fruit wouldn’t you pick in Burt’s garden to what was the added flavour in his tea (lemons and Titanium in case you were bursting to know) no corner of his life was left unprobed!. A closely fought contest put half a mark between the eventual winner and 2nd place.Congratulations to Geoff Clough who now gets to drink his hopefully non-Titanium tainted tea in a smart BMW enamel mug. Everyone kindly expressed their appreciation of this our first on-line Meetup event held in the long standing spirit of Club friendship.


Originally posted 2020-04-30 14:13:59.


Author: James O'Shea