R1200GSA Handlebar Heaven

My 2012 R1200GSA is a very comfortable motorcycle for long distances but after I met another GSA rider with bar risers I started thinking that perhaps it could be improved? To allow adjustment I decided to fit the Rox Risers from Cliff Batley at the Adventure Bike Shop.

The Rox Riser allow 40-50 mm height adjustment and 20-30 mm reach adjustment. They fit in the original handlebar clamp in place of the handlebar which in turn fits in the new Rox Risers bar clamp. You can pivot the Rox Risers to adjust height and reach.

The only tricky part about the fitting is torquing the rear E10 bolt to 16NM as you can’t get a socket on the bolt with the Rox Riser in place. After a conversation with Bob mack I used an E10 ring spanner as an extension and calculated the correct setting with a torque wrench extension calculator from Norbar. The torque wrench extension calculator is also available as a handy app for the iPhone and Android phones search on Norbar in the App Store.

Rox Risers 4
Rox Risers Front View
Rox Risers 2
Wunderlich adjusters

Whilst I was customising I decided to fit my Wunderlich adjusters which allow you to slacken and rotate the handlebars without a spanner, very useful for adjusting the angle of the handlebar.

So with all this adjustment has ‘handlebar heaven’ been achieved? Well it certainly makes it easier to manoeveur the R1200GSA at low speed and standing up is more comfortable than before. A side benefit is that since the handlebars are slightly higher I have no problem passing car park barriers!


Author: drdrsteve