Silverstone Bike Event Offers 2012

For the last couple of years we have been taking advantage of the Silverstone Bike Club Offer.

Basically, as club members we can purchase discounted tickets, for the main Bike Events at Silverstone, by quoting a preferential code. Once enough of us have bought tickets we are then granted a Club Parking Area within the track centre area.

By clicking the link below you can read all about the ticket pricing available to us during the  2012 season.

Silverstone Information Letter

Our order booking code for all 3 events will be BMW001

The contact to ask for at the booking office is Helen Hoban on 01327 320378

Even if we do not reach the magic numbers, for Club Parking, the ticket prices still apply.





Author: bobmack70

2 thoughts on “Silverstone Bike Event Offers 2012

  1. The WSB dates are actually Friday 3rd August to Sunday 5thAugust. Best wishes Steve

  2. The lady at the events office wasn’t aware of the misprint but is now and will point it out in future correspondence.

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