Stop & Go Puncture Repair Kit – Special Offer from Sportouring

Punctures are all something we hope will never happen to us but unfortunately you will need a good puncture repair kit. Recently John Dillon had the misfortune to get a puncture right next to North Oxford Garage on the way to see the Vulcan and was not able to repair it using the ‘wet string’ type of repair kit.

Many of us have successfully used the Stop & Go repair kit which uses mushrooms and a very clever insertion tool to make repair very easy, see video.

Mike at Sportouring is now offering a special deal for BMW Club members who would like to get themselves a Stop & Go repair kit, just follow the link:


[groups_member group=”Oxford Member”]

And enter the discount code BMWCLUB1 when you checkout. You may also want to look at the Rocky Creek portable compressor on the same page if you don’t have a tyre inflator or else use the CO2 cartridges. Many thanks to Mike at Sportouring for this offer. Please support this firm as they are a small business with excellent customer service and also support the BMW Club.


Author: drdrsteve