System 7 Helmet Review

By David Tomlinson, Oxford Section Social Secretary

Is it me?

I have just taken the plunge and purchased the new BMW System 7 Helmet and Communications System, finally retiring my Schuberth S2 after several years of sterling service … so, a direct comparison is inevitable!
BMW announced this new System 7 as the evolutionary replacement for the System 6. It is their first all carbon fibre based modular helmet and is priced competitively against the Schuberth C4.  One interesting feature is the ability to remove the chin guard and transform the helmet into a 3/4 Jet Helmet, which in hot conditions, such as we enjoyed this summer, is a nice feature and swayed my choice.

There was a lot of speculation about who was manufacturing this helmet especially given that the System 6 was made by Schuberth. The System 7 is a true BMW helmet from concept to design, and from design to manufacturer.
The helmet comes in two shell sizes and has six variable head sizes.  BMW is offering both solid based colour options and has three graphic based designs. My choice was for a gloss white option which matches my bike – the K1600 “ghost”!

Un-boxing and Setup

I wisely left the helmet and its accompanying communications system for the dealer to install, and I watched for about an hour while James from North Oxford Garage (NOG) completed the job.  It requires all inner linings and pads to be removed and also requires that the existing tie downs be removed in order to accommodate the installation of the new components.  
Tools and experience are necessary to do this quickly, as you really need to be familiar with the process.  All the modular components fit neatly in predefined sockets in the helmet and can be replaced individually if needed.  Each component is installed separately with the connecting wiring coming to the main computer module which is nicely contained in a protective sleeve and installs tightly in its permanent place inside the shell.  Everything is well protected from the elements and it makes a very neat and tidy job – I think James has done this before……!

Design and Fit

I think that the design of the helmet is fantastic.

BMW spent three years in the research and development phase perfecting this design.  Countless hours were spent in the wind tunnel where tests were undertaken, and refinements incorporated.  

The result is a sleek, well designed, helmet: on a recent motorway ride to Guildford I felt absolutely no wind buffeting or discomfort.  The helmet fits snugly and, dare I say, is even more comfortable than my well-worn Schuberth S2.  


I never normally do this…… but honestly read the manual!  It contains key information on how to operate and take care of your helmet and especially the communications unit.  

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Author: Dave Tomlinson

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