The K1600GT Eagle has Landed!

New K1600GT SE at Bahnstormer!

K1600GT Photo Shoot at Bahnstormer

Fitting the Wunderlich rack back on the top box proved to be quite difficult, fortunately Jodie was doing it and new bolts were needed. The top box did look very neat when everything was finished.

Fitting the Wunderlich Rack

The K1600GT also has the AC Schnitzer six position adjustable levers which make a big difference to the feel of the clutch and to a lesser extent the brake.

AC Schnitzer Adjustable Levers
K1600 Engine Crashbars

The K1600 engine crashbars also arrived just in time. Apparently some owners have been waiting since July for these due to a supply problem. Hopefully they won’t be needed!

Based on 50 miles riding this K1600GT seems much smoother than the last one I rode, it looks as though the latest software update has worked well and I was adapted to the fly by wire throttle almost immediately.


Author: drdrsteve