Zoom Social Report – David Grist Orange & Black

We had a great Zoom social on Tuesday 23rd February, with guest speaker David Grist of Orange & Black. In total we had 28 members attending to listen to David discuss how COVID-19 has affected the travel industry and to answer questions from the participants.

David introduced himself and his motorcycle travel company Orange & Black. Fear not H-C Travel is still with us but operates now as a travel agency, with Orange & Black dealing with the motorcycle elements. Did you know H-C Travel was originally named H2C Travel after David’s love of the Kawasaki H2C 750cc 2-stroke triples? Customers shortened it to H-C and it has been that way ever since. Orange & black are based in Overton, Hampshire, see the Orange & Black website for more details. With introductions done we played a video of an Orange & Black trip to New Zealand.

Before the Zoom Social we had asked members for their questions and Geoff Clough started by asking David about his companies H-C Travel and Orange & Black – did you know H-C Travel was named after David’s H2C Kawasaki 750 (which he still own’s)? David then discussed the different types of motorcycle trips and their pros and cons.

David Grist’s Kawasaki H2C 750

The whole Zoom Social lasted nearly two hours as everyone was enjoying the conversation, so we have a shorter sample of David answering some questions to give you a flavour of the meeting.


Questions for David Grist

To finish the meeting we played an interesting video of an Orange & Black trip to Tibet on Royal Enfield Bullets. Thank you to David for an excellent evening. Watch out for future Zoom Social announcements.


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