BMW Club Oxford Overseas Tours

How the 21st Century Overseas Trips Began
By Geoff Clough

It was June 2003. I had been a BMW Club member for about 3 months. Before the start of my second Club Rideout, Rob Allin turned to me and asked without any preamble “Do you want to come to the Isle of Man?” I checked that I could get the time off work, said yes, and the rest is history…

David and Rosemary Hicks had booked a hotel on the Isle of Man, but were leading the Club Rideout on the Sunday, so didn’t arrive until late on the Monday. Rob had booked a chalet at Groudle Glen, just north of Douglas, for a week from the Saturday which we shared with Eddie Webb and Laurence Gardiner. After David and Rosemary’s arrival, all six of us met up every day and gelled into a good group.

Have a look at the Powerpoint presentation to see what happened next!


Author: geoffbmwox