Rugged Northamptonshire . . . . . OMR rides north!


Winter comes early to the Northampton uplands . . . . . . not really.  As soft rain gently washed ourselves (Andy, Jill, James, Pip, Steve and Tim) and motorcycles (C, K, GSs, RT) we left the shelter of Costa, Thame and headed north to the bandit country of Bucks. Our destination today was the Mecca of transport cafes: the Super Sausage on the A5 at Pottersbury.



Back in the day the Romans tramped up Watling Street and established the garrison town of Lactodorum, which the locals now prefer to call Towcester. However, no records exist of them stopping off at the Super Sausage.





Our pre-ride caffeine fix with the customary fisherman’s tales of outwitting the constabulary using superlative riding skills only known to BSA Bantam riders, were enjoyed by all  . Andy recounted how he had denied BMW vast profits by sourcing wheel bearings for his C650 from the manufacturer and not Motorrad! Tales of Denali battery draining horns and dodgy cable were lamented by Tim and Pip.

We exit Thame without incident and somehow found ourselves north on the B4011 towards Bicester. Riding past Long Crendon Courthouse and HM Prison Bullingdon only caused slight anxiety – had I remembered to re-tax the bike after the final red reminder?

After circling Bicester on its own version of the ‘Peripherique’ we head towards Aynho. Founded in Anglo-Saxon times it was thoroughly modernised in 1787 with the construction of the Oxford Canal   . . . . . .

. . . . .  but some locals say not a lot has changed since then.  West of Banbury the roads are now drying out nicely and we make brisk progress through pretty Northants villages: King’s Sutton, Middleton Cheney, Chacome and beyond.

As we approach Moreton Pinkney the inevitable happens, some mistake surely?

The ride leader from the previous day (he knows who he is!) made no mention of this. Must be an error, contractors have forgotten to remove their signs after roadworks, therefore > onward. Two miles later we meet a very friendly man from the Water Board. A former Kawasaki 1000 rider he sees we are riding BMWs so explains very carefully and slowly . . . . that there is a whacking great hole in the water main so we should go back from where we came!  Time to stop anyway for a leg stretch and free entertainment as we see numerous silly car drivers executing 9-point turns and go back to where they came from too! Surely, they had read the signs!


Back on the bikes we trundle cautiously by the Catanga Llama Trecking Farm at Weedon and then briskly on to the Super Sausage – I wonder if Llama sausages will be on the menu?



We arrive in good order at 12.30pm.  But has there been a calamity?

Cars are crowded in the car park but apart from one lonely GS where are the other motorcycles? Have all the other riders crashed on their way to this world-famous eatery?

Steve gently explains to me that on days when there is some moisture in the air then the bike spaces are many and the queue is very short – so really we have chosen a good day to visit. A few crocodile tears slip down for the unfortunate club members that had to ride in the day before’s sunshine and wait for parking and food!


Lunch is consumed with joy and cheerful banter. Coronary-on-a-plate is served up all around us, as our jaws drop in admiration.  Vegans seem to be a lost tribe in this ‘Sausage Palace’ where back in 61 AD Roman legions passed by on their way to Towcester to show Queen Boudicca who the new Caesar on-the-block was!


Time to head home after a fun and in parts challenging morning. Great company, tall stories and lots of laughter. November approaches and a further two rides to anticipate. Join us. If the ride fills up (maximum of 6 at the moment) just join the ‘Waitlist’ and we will try and put on a repeat ride on a different day in the same week, if at all possible.  And don’t forget  . . . .


Author: James O'Shea