Meet Up Ride Out July – Charlbury TT

The “team” met at Costa Coffee in Thame and joined by 2 RoSPA friends…. after much caffeine and banter, the tone was set for the ride.

The Charlbury TT is definitely one for the riders amongst us, a mix of sweeping and tight radius bends, mostly traffic free roads, this route offers some of the best riding roads that the Cotswolds has to offer. The pace was very flowing and progressive, yet a maximum of 60mph was attained, just goes to show you don’t have to go fast to have an amazing riding experience…

The weather was hot, so we had a sheltered stop under the shade of some nearby trees, and took on plenty of water which served us well on the last half of the route.

It seems everyone enjoyed it so much, they want another go, but perhaps in September when it has cooled a little. A great morning ride, with excellent company…


Author: drdrsteve

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  1. Sounds mega! No contest with a ride like this and being scorched on the South Coast

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