Bahnstormer Maidenhead Launch

The new Bahnstormer branch at Maidenhead has now opened for business and the BMW club attended the opening weekend. Many thanks to John Wheeler for organising.


Rosemary and others did an excellent job of recruiting new members, with nine joining on the day. We are hoping to arrange more events with Bahnstormer Motorrad at Alton and Maidenhead in 2013. We may need to invest in a new table for next year!

20121002-084516.jpg Photo courtesy of Bahnstormer Motorrad!


Author: drdrsteve

3 thoughts on “Bahnstormer Maidenhead Launch

  1. I will look for the Bahnstormer Contact details. I have now been phoning North Oxford Garage for 3 weeks regularly and get answerphone messages, then tried the main number more than once and bikes section do not answer, I have also left my phone number and haven’t heard from them.

    1. Hi John, as far as I know NOG are responding on the normal. I drove the dealership today and it looked to be open and doing business as normal? Steve

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