Advanced Riding Techniques from Reg Local

Advanced Riding Techniques
As Taught by John Gregory alias Reg Local

John very kindly joined us as one of our speakers in a Zoom Social in March this year. His background is quite interesting, and he has also authored two books on advanced driving techniques

John, also know as Reg Local, joined the police in 1990. In 1995 he qualified as a class 1 advanced driver and worked as a traffic officer until 1999 when he qualified as a police advanced driving instructor. He has taught everyone from learners to experts and has a passion for sharing his knowledge and experience.

Reg also has a YouTube channel, in which he gives demonstrations of the skills and techniques involved in becoming a better skilled and higher performance motorcyclist. He also offers a coaching service to anyone who wants to improve their riding. Well, I couldn’t resist and booked myself in for Saturday 19th June.

The ride to Bolton on the Friday was in biblical rain until the end of the Birmingham by-pass. Did I also mention 200 miles of slow moving and or stationary traffic? Nasty, but I’m really good at filtering due to the amount of practice… John and I met up at 9am at my hotel, a quick discussion on what we wanted to achieve from the day and then get “miked up”. So real time comms, brilliant.

I can personally vouch for Johns enthusiasm, his attention to detail and the persuasive, friendly manner in which he imparts his knowledge makes for a very relaxing, highly informative day…

We continually swapped places, with the comms providing real time advice and observations; then reinforced when John took the lead, a great way to absorb yourself in the necessary skills for consistent, rapid, and safe riding…

If you have never been into the countryside around Bolton, I can thoroughly recommend it, lunch at Morecombe, plenty of stops including the Forest of Bowland. It was an epic series of amazing roads and superb weather. Even without any instruction, the roads in this area are absolutely amazing and well worth a visit – thanks John.

David Tomlinson
Social Secretary


Author: drdrsteve