The Klim Marrakesh Jacket

The Klim Marrakesh is a lightweight summer jacket.

The outer fabric is a 1000 denier woven Cordura, a strong material with good abrasion resistance. It flows air all over and unlike some vented summer jackets does not have specific panels that flow air.

It is without doubt the most comfortable jacket I have bought, due to its lightweight and stretchiness. In practice it does not feel as though it actually flows as much air as the Rev-It Tornado 2 that I bought about four years ago, but in the event of an off I imagine the Marrakesh would be more protective.

It is an expensive jacket at £370 and comes in grey, black, asphalt grey and olive. As soon as I tried it on, I was hooked. The comfort was wonderful, the closest analogy would be putting on a comfortable glove. It looks very stylish and I like the chest height zip pockets.

To good air flow means there is no impermeable layer so if it rains an impermeable overjacket such as a Scott needs to be a companion.

In practice it is wearable down to about 18 degrees celsius without the need for a more than a couple of base layers. At 14 to 16 celsius one quickly gets cold and in my case, I get the heated vest into action.

With temperatures in the mid 20s it is great, one feels cool and very comfortable. I am not sure yet what it will be like in the low 30s!

For me the best thing about the Marrakesh is how comfortable and light it feels, leading to a very relaxed ride. It also folds away very easily to a small size for the top box.

What are the downsides to the jacket? The principle problem is having the right combination of layers for the early morning start on those drier summer days, where the temperature is still at about 12 to 14 degrees celsius. To get over this problem I have invested in an ultra light weight windproof jacket called the Klim Zephyr. While I have paid for it, I am still waiting for the blue colour I want and I suspect it has been held up, along with many many other items, on the container boat that got stuck in the Suez!

As for alternatives there are very many vented jackets. A choice will come down to cost, comfort, practicality and style. Out of seven I would give this product 6.5. No jacket is perfect, this comes close in my view.



Author: drdrsteve