Alan & Dee’s Arundel Ride out

The day had finally arrived and the weather was on our side. Our group met at the services on the A33 at 9:30 for the 10:00 start with a great turn out of 13 bikes. From there we set off to Loomies cafe going through Hartley Wintney, Odiham and Alton.



This is the starting group from Reading.

When we arrived at Loomies cafe the other group were already there sitting in the sun drinking tea and munching bacon sandwiches. In total 23 + bikes had gathered for the event.

The next part of the ride out was a bit more interesting, the route that Dee had planned and downloaded onto the Tomtom had vanished which left the only solution of selecting Arundel and hoping for the best (to say I am directionally challenged is an understatement). All was going surprisingly well until we hit Goodwood and found ourselves at a roadblock. I advised the steward that I was leading not just a ride out but a BMW ride out and would he mind if we went through the road block . But “NO CHANCE” was the reply go through the field and follow the exit signs. Well this totally threw Dee and I and the Tomtom and we have to admit we got “lost”!! Eventually we had to stop at the side of the road to re-programme the Tomtom.

The new route was interesting and very picturesque with some great roads and villages being discovered along the way. When we eventually arrived at Arundel everyone seemed delighted with the route, the GS owners amongst us especially liked the off-road section.

We would like to thank everyone that attended and hope you had a good day in the hot sunshine.





Alan’s comment “I am a Mason and a BMW rider”

IMG_0334Dee’s comment “Special menu for a special person (plastic cutlery just to be safe)”




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  1. Looks like it was a great ride-out. I enjoyed reading your write up very much.

  2. “I should have come on the RT, that way I would have had room for leathers!”

  3. Caption…

    Oooooohhh…… Ookeeeee. Kokeeeeee. Kokeeeee,
    knees bent ,arms stretched…….ra ra ra

    Alright ,alright, I can play the spoons !!!

  4. Geoff photo: With no sign of rain Geoff bursts into a chorus of “let the sun shine in”

    Paul photo: Sorry I have no bananas but I have some lovely plums

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