London to Beijing Update 12

They Think it’s All Over –

Well we thought it was  as the penultimate day started a little wet, an easy 200 miles and route notes that were actually accurate.  But we were to hit the worse storm for years.  First our leader Kevin suffered a blowout on a railway crossing and damaged his ankle in the fall: but still riding.  Then it was the flooded roads: water as deep as the wheels and that was before the crazy lorry drivers caused bow waves that doubled the depth and knocked riders over.

First flood, 3 bikes failed and had to be dried out.

Second flood not so bad until I decided that the side seemed shallower, and it was, until I and the bike disappeared down an over full drainage 1  This photo says it all.  Unbelievably by killing the engine just before submersing the bike started first go after 20 mins in that position.  What a star. 

Third flood and 3 more failed so again, remove spark plugs, drain the exhaust by up ending the bike and use jump leads to start to save battery power.  No trip is over until…….and that day finished at 7pm for most.

………well it is now.  Bikes at the docks ready for shipping.  All made it, albeit somewhat muddy and battered, but still moving having clocked, in my case, 11,934 miles over 77 days.  Seen the Great Wall.

phot 2

Time for home.

Thanks to those who have supported my charity and for those who said they would, thanks in anticipation.

That’s it from me – Nigel


Author: Nigel richardson

2 thoughts on “London to Beijing Update 12

  1. Hi Nigel, well done on completing an incredible journey. Did you have a K&N filter on the GSA? They recommended those at the BMW ORS as the paper ones are useless once they get wet. Best wishes Steve

  2. Congratulations Nigel……….
    On completing an epic journey, which We have followed throughout and enjoyed immensely.
    Your last pictures cry out “up periscope !”, and you seem to have been lucky enough to retrieve the pannier contents before the ‘dive ,dive ,dive ‘ signal came about !
    Q (Why is it though. X1 person doing all the work and x3 watching ? )
    I smiled at this thinking of lifting the GSA out, post pic…great fun I bet

    Your final tally figures are astounding, but I reckon you could of walked the extra 66miles over 3 days to get nice round numbers of ……..
    .12,000 miles in 80 days. (around the world certainly !!)
    …..No wonder your sitting down in the final pic.
    Let’s have a beer when you get home . (eventually)
    All the best John and Wendy

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