My K1600GTLE was a wonderful machine on the road, but was too heavy for me to push around and to balance when I stopped at junctions.  So I have swapped it for an F700GS.  This has the same 800cc engine as the one in the F800GS, but it is detuned down from 85HP to 75HP.DSC_0001

My bike has panniers, that I have taken off at the moment and the top box you can see.  All of them can be expanded, and they seem to be pretty good so far.


My bike has lowered suspension, and my feet touch the floor easily.  This is in spite of the saddle being 15mm higher than the K1600.  The difference is that the F700 has a narrow saddle while the K1600 has a wide saddle.  The weight difference is huge; a dry weight of 186kg compared to 321kg.

I had to keep the revs down to 5000 rpm for the first 600 miles for running in, but that would have let me do over 80mph in top gear (6th).  My estimate is that it could cruise at 80mph, because the red line is at 8500rpm (which would equate to 141mph in top).  With the lower power than for the F800, the engine will run out of power before it can pull to this speed.  The top speed is given as 119mph.

Along the back lanes the bike flicks about very nicely, and has plenty of power available for those roads.  With the stopping and starting of our club runs, this bike would seem to be ideal for that type of riding.  For longer high speed runs I think that my R1200RT is best.  That can cruise at a higher speed, has cruise control and has a softer saddle.  Saying that, I do not find the saddle on the F700 a problem.  Especially as it lets me get my feet down.

I think that I have got 2 wonderful bikes.  I would prefer to have the R1200RT with an inch lower saddle, and the F700GS with the 85HP engine, but those things are difficult to achieve.  So I have got a very good compromise.


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  1. Hi Steve good analysis and report. The GS is the modern do anything motorcycle. Best wishes Steve

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