June 2020 Newsletter Survey – a brief summary of the main findings

The survey was your chance to give the editorial team feedback about your views on the Newsletter. We promised to produce a full report and to circulate it to all those who completed the survey. This brief report summarises the main findings.

We had 50 members who completed the survey, so a big thank you to you all for making the time to do so.

We are very encouraged by the fact that the responses we received showed great support for how the Newsletter is produced at the moment, its frequency, quality of the articles and range of content.

Members expressed very strong support for introducing a Letters to the Editor section. There is a separate article about this in the Newsletter.

There was considerable interest in having more articles about bike reviews and also riding kit reviews that mirror the different seasons. General hints and tips were frequently mentioned in the survey along with product reviews.

We will be examining all your suggestions in detail over the coming weeks and once again many thanks to all of you who completed the survey.

Carl Flint



Author: drdrsteve