London to Beijing News 5

Nigel Richardson’s 5th Report of his trip

FLAT FOR SALE: River frontage. Magnificent mountain views. Close to amenities. Excellent neighbour (plenty of them) hood watch scheme. Free use of laundry drying facilities (balcony space permitting). In need of some refurbishment. Price. Anything considered. Although a battered Mercedes would do nicely.

Flat for Sale
Flat for Sale

Welcome to Georgia. Birthplace of Stalin, in fact a few kms from here, and the land of blacked out Range Rovers driven by leather jacketed Hoods. The roads are not for the faint hearted but we made it to Tbilisi. Another river crossing to get here and as our prehistoric ferry overtook its sister ‘ship’ It was appropriate to reflect that half the team were on ‘The slow boat to China’. Only 8,000 miles it go!


Tomorrow we start crossing Central Asia proper and enter our 1st police State, Azerbaijan. So no Internet for up to 10 days. How will we manage: hopefully by concentrating on biking. Will I still be smiling?

130512P Photo 3

Here’s to you with ‘Georgia on my mind’. Nigel


Author: Nigel richardson

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  1. Great stuff Nigel…..glad to here you had no major problems in Turkey . I will follow your trip with interest.
    Puts my little jaunt up thro the Shetland Ilses to shame !
    (Still I saw puffins !! )
    How are the bikes holding up ?

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