London to Beijing News 4

London to Beijing 4
London to Beijing 4

3600 miles on the clock and now 130 miles from the Turkey/Georgia border which we cross on Saturday. Had a balloon flight over the weird rock formations and cave dwellings at Cappadocia although the 0430 start was a challenge. We estimated that there were 70 balloons in air carrying close to 800 passengers and at 160 euros per person thats…..well you can do the maths. Photo below. Talking of money, almost bought a pure silk rug for £80,000, yes 80k, but exceeded the credit card limit. It apparently took two ladies 5 years to make so obviously a bargain! Climbed Mt Nemrut in central Turkey at 7,100 ft although to be honest the bike did about 6,500 of them to the car park and we panted up the rest. There were statutes dating back to 400 BC at the top so now have lots of pictures of old fossils taking snaps of older fossils (the average age of the group is mid 50s’)
Stayed in a Cave Hotel at Bedrock, or was it Irgup?. Anyway we all played Fred and Barney for a day and as you can see washed the bikes with the rooms in the background.
So far so good. Nigel


Author: Nigel richardson