London to Beijing News 3

London to Beijing 3 - Turkey
London to Beijing 3 – Turkey

Now, as you can see, in Turkey. Two days in Istanbul and now in the World Heritage town of Safranbolu. An old Ottoman town constructed in a natural bowl. Apparently this is the best time to visit Turkey, as the weather is at its best. Unfortunately the rest of the world agrees and made Istanbul’s already crowded streets even busier. Long queues to see all the sights so we concentrated on a few eg the spectacular Blue Mosque, the Grand Bazaar, and the Aya Sofia. How did they build those places over 500years ago? From now on the riding gets more demanding as we head towards Central Asia
Enjoy the Bank Holiday. Nigel


Author: Nigel richardson

1 thought on “London to Beijing News 3

  1. Hi Nigel
    Glad to hear its started well. Weather here is boiling hot too !
    Plus all the sites busy. Gotta keep on biking and dreaming.
    Heading north tomorrow to the Shetland Ilses …..for some basic camping etc . Will try to follow the blog.
    All the best. John.

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