London to Beijing – the Silk Road Talk

Nigel Richardson - London to Beijing
Nigel Richardson – London to Beijing

Nigel Richardson gave an excellent talk at Uffington on Sunday about his trip from London to Beijing with Globebusters. Last April a small number of us saw Nigel off from the Ace Cafe on this epic trip, so it was great to get an account of his adventures. Nigel also brought friends to the meeting, some of whom had been with him on the trip so that added to the occasion.

Nigel leaving the Ace Cafe
Nigel leaving the Ace Cafe at the start of the London – Beijing Trip

The talk was very well attended, despite the heavy rain and flooding. Riding up from Lambourn on the B4001 the road was like a river and the waves from other vehicles were up over the cylinders on the R1200GS. It made you appreciate how dangerous riding in rivers or on flooded roads can be. Hopefully the last indoor meeting of the season on March 9th will be blessed with kinder weather!


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2 thoughts on “London to Beijing – the Silk Road Talk

  1. Shame to have missed it …….but I’ve been given a second chance. Perhaps. Watch this space

  2. Yep….got an invitation to Honda Owners (Oxford Section) do ,on evening of Tuesday 18th February 2014 , at Vine PH ,Cumnor nr Oxford, where Nigel will give a repeat presentation . Just up the road a bit from me , so can CYCLE there. Have a few beers, buffet supper …then no work the next day !! Howzat .
    Thanks to Erica Gasser (Honda club Sec ). Top gal.

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