Packing a Pump

The Rocky Creek Pocket Pump

Author Bob Mack

I realised, recently, that the chances of having a puncture have increased hugely, over the last few years. There are many reasons for that, of course, and all are way beyond our control but mainly due to the conditions of our roads.

What we can do is minimise the inconvenience, on the side of the road, if we have a puncture. Plugging kits and liquid tyre repair kits are all part of this. Speaking to club members who have been through this experience, at the roadside, all confirm that a good air supply is a real benefit. CO2 canisters can be ok but are no substitute for a pump.

There are dozens available and they vary from cheap and cheerful to those with hugely inflated prices…….well they are pumps.

Most seem to have fancy casings. This makes them quite large and possibly restricts the cooling. The instructions for most of that type suggest a limit for the run time, to avoid overheating.

This Rocky Creek Pocket Pump is just a pump, no casing and has no limit on run time, as far as I can see.

The pump is quite small and comes with a couple of electrical connections. Most useful, for me, is the crocodile clip system. The pump will not work on any BMW Motorcycles that have electrical sockets connected to the canbus. Direct to the battery via the crocodile clips is the obvious solution.

Mike, at Sportouring, suggested that it is a good idea to keep this and all other pumps off the ground, in operation. In his experience most failures are due to dirt being sucked in through the inlet.

First thing I did after it arrived was to test it. I deflated a rear motorcycle tyre, connected the pump and ran it for 5 minutes. Good result, it was up to 40 psi, which is good enough for me and didn’t show any signs of getting hot.

Hopefully I’ve made a wise purchase, only time will tell.

Our friends at Sportouring ( are currently offering it at a competitive price, on their web site, , and there is a club discount code available giving a further 10% discount on whatever the current sale price may be. If the discount code does not work please contact Mike who will ensure that the additional discount is applied.

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Use Discount Code BMWCLUB1 at the check out.

Obviously all prices shown are for one off plus postage. Mike would be prepared to give a better price for quantities if a club member was prepared to organise the purchase.



Author: bobmack70

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  1. I have ordered one of these today, and there is now a Sale on, with £10 off the normal price. However, the discount code no longer works, possibly because it’s in the Sale. It’s still quite a bit cheaper than it was though!

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