Race Retro 2015

Had a last minute invitation to Race Retro today. Thought it would be rude not to go especially as the weather promised to be quite good.

Not many bikes there this year and no BMWs on display.

The Fire Up Area wasn’t well supported either but the Sprint Bike in the Video made your ears hurt and your eyes water.  It runs on Nitro. You can see the 2 people, working on it, putting their fingers in their ears and the white stuff coming out of the exhaust is Nitro Vapour.

The cars put on a good display.

Watching the Audi Quatro reminded me of why I bought mine, to get to Fire Calls easily in poor conditions. The loony driving the Chevy Corvette engined Vauxhall Firenza reminded me of why I like rear wheel drive cars with V8 engines.





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