Rideouts under Covid


During Covid-19, rideouts must comply with government legislation and guidelines and the interpretation of these by COMO (Coalition of Motorcycling Organisations). The COMO guidelines have been updated with the latest version appearing on 31st July: https://wiki.mag-uk.org/images/0/01/COMOCOVID_v3_01.pdf

Now that the COMO guidelines no longer restrict us to a maximum of 6 members in a rideout, we can begin to run our Sunday rideouts again. With the experience of running our OMRs (Oxford Meetup® Rideout) successfully within the COMO guidelines we can see how to organise other rideouts.

How the Rideouts Will Work

Although we are now permitted to ride as a larger group, the guidance remains as before for social distancing off the bike. This means that when we meet, have a stop or arrive at our destination we will separate into groups of no more than 6 people.

It is important we remain within our 6-person groups and maintain a 2m social distance at all times unless a variation is in place for hospitality locations.

Although we are no longer restricted to 6 people overall, we still need to control numbers to keep within the practical limits of the ride itself and the overall legal limit allowed to meet. The Club may also be asked to provide contact details of participants in the event of a Covid infection.

Hence riders and pillions will be required to book in advance with the Rideout Coordinator, whose details will appear in the published rideout information. Anyone not booked in advance will not be permitted to join the Rideout.

Rideout information will be published separately on Facebook, the club website and Rosemary’s email, giving contact details for the Rideout Leader and Rideout Coordinator, as well as information about the ride and destination.

Booking in for a Rideout

Please do not sign up to a ride if you are: self-isolating because you have tested positive for, or are, showing symptoms of Covid-19; been in significant contact with such persons, or have been advised to shield or shelter as part of a vulnerable group or as a caregiver for a vulnerable person, or are part of a household where other persons are any part of the above. Otherwise you may put others at risk of infection or being required to isolate.

Please read our Ground Rules and Disclaimer on the BMW Club Oxford website

Everyone wishing to join the Rideout must book in advance. This applies to both riders and pillions. Riders who must be members of the BMW Club will be able to book pillions in as guests.

You will need to provide your name, membership number, email address and a mobile phone number. You will receive a confirmation email. NB In the unlikely situation of a COVID-19 incident the BMW Club will provide the participants’ contact information to the relevant authorities if requested.

If the ride is oversubscribed, you may be offered a place on a waiting list.

If you have booked but cannot come on the Rideout, please contact the Rideout Coordinator as soon as possible so that someone on the waiting list can be offered your place.

Anyone not booked in who turns up on the day will be excluded from the Rideout. We will check the booking list to ensure that only booked riders/pillions participate in the ride safety briefing!

In the event of cancellation due to bad weather the Rideout Coordinator will contact all booked attendees. You should also check the event page on the section website for information.

On the Day

To protect your own health and keep others safe, please:

  1. Ensure your motorcycle is road legal, and carry out POWER (petrol, oil, water, electrics, rubber) checks beforehand; http://www.motorcycledirect.co.uk/motorcycle-direct-club/blog-068-motorbike-pre-ride-checklist.php
  2. Remain outdoors and in a public place for the duration of the ride, always maintaining the government’s recommended social distancing of at least 2m.
  3. Know and follow the COVID-19 safety procedures at filling stations or shops
  4. Avoid touching or riding each other’s machines.
  5. Bring appropriate COVID-19 safety kit (such as alcohol hand gel, masks, gloves, tissues, plastic bags, etc.) as well as food, refreshments and all other necessary resources for the journey;./li>
  6. Have a full tank of fuel and try to limit the number of fuel stops needed during the ride.
  7. Be prepared to wear a face covering if social distancing is likely to be compromised.

At the start, destination and any intermediate stops, everyone must keep in their separate groups each of not more than 6 people. Marshals will help with this process.

If there any glitches on the day, call the Rideout Leader on the mobile phone number given in the rideout details.

Your safety is your responsibility

Please ride responsibly and do not bring either the BMW Club or Motorcycling in general into disrepute


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