Section BBQ 2014

A great day yesterday at the Section BBQ at Paul Prictor’s farm. Despite the unsettled weather 50 plus members and guests enjoyed the excellent food on offer and the good company. Many thanks to Paul for providing the venue and all those who helped to make the event a success.

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Author: timcread

4 thoughts on “Section BBQ 2014

  1. Good day had by all three cheers too the “Cooks” ,the hot water supplier “Dave the Lad”, Paul, his Lady our hosts for the day and the Ladies who brought the “Goodies”.

  2. Despite the weather conditions, despite the fact that we only lived within 8 miles of BBQ Farm we rode to Newbury Wharf to do the rural rideout proficiently led by Steve ( and Katherine) Moxey with tale end Charlie.. George and Mildred (AKA Dave and Sue ).
    A little of mother natures mud and rain wont stop us rufty tufty bikers having a good time.

  3. Excellent day and some very good photos! (Tim we must get you on Facebook so you can share across to the Oxford Section Facebook group – I will do it for you now) Steve

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