Shell GO+ Revisited: Carbon Offsetting and COVID-19?

Hopefully we will be nearing the end of the latest COVID-19 lockdown restrictions soon and some motorcycling will be possible again, just in time for the better weather! The COVID-19 pandemic is reckoned to be the worst disaster for the UK since the Second World War, but the effects of climate change could be even worse in the long term. We covered the useful Shell GO+ app in a previous article but could this app help with both the COVID-19 pandemic and global warming? Well it just might.

The Shell GO+ app allows you to pay at the pump using your smartphone and avoids the need to go into the garage shop to pay. By using disposable gloves and hand sanitiser you can reduce the risk of picking up COVID-19 even further. This is very important if you are in the high priority at risk groups (over 70 or clinically extremely vulnerable). Everyone’s approach to risk is different but if you can remove any unnecessary risks, such as paying for fuel, you will be lowering your overall risk. By minimising unnecessary contact we can all cut down on transmission – you might even be unlucky enough to have COVID-19 without symptoms!

The video above shows how it works on a motorcycle. As a motorcyclist the Shell GO+ app is also very useful. It solves the problem of service stations refusing to serve you late at night if you have a helmet on as with the app you prepay for fuel and unlock the pump (it does work with Apple Faceid) – there is no risk of you riding away without paying! You automatically collect loyalty benefits and rewards and you have a detailed transaction history. I managed to put diesel into a service loan bike last year and the app confirmed that was what had happened eliminating the chance of contamination. If you did suspect contamination then the app would prove that you purchased petrol as well.

Paying with Shell GO+ is also quicker than queuing in the kiosk and if you have luggage strapped to your bike it means you don’t have to leave it unattended whilst you pay. Apart form all the convenience benefits the other big part of Shell GO+ is the ability to Drive Carbon Neutral. Shell will automatically carbon offset the fuel that you buy thus allowing you to do your bit to save the planet at minimum effort! As you can use the Shell GO+ app on cars and bikes this gives you the ability to carbon offset all of your driving. You will also get monthly statements from Shell showing you how much was offset. This all sounds very good, but Shell will be changing the terms and conditions in October 2021 so that you will have to contribute 0.5p per litre of fuel to the carbon offset costs and Shell will cover the rest.

Shell Carbon Offsetting

So why should you bother with carbon offsetting? I think there are two main arguments: (1) you want to save the planet by reducing CO2 emissions either for your children or grand children or because you believe in it or (2) you want peace of mind to be able to enjoy your riding and driving without the worry that you are doing damage. For myself, I would do it to help save the planet, but I also welcome the peace of mind. At 1p a litre and with 12,000 miles on a GSA that works out at £5.45 a year or two Costa Flat Whites. I think my conscience is worth that.

With the Shell GO+ app you can make carbon offsetting a painless process whilst reducing your infection risk from COVID-19. I think that’s what they call having your cake and eating it!



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