2 thoughts on “Spain 2013 Long Trip Photos

  1. Well done Steve,
    Presentation in gallery form and content is brilliant!
    Looks like everybody had a great time from the action and evening meal pictures ….. ( bit worried about the ‘one’ boot on the rock shot though …artistic licence?)
    The weather seemed superb…how about a write up !
    Cheers. John

  2. Hi John, at Cap Finisterre we reached the end of El Camino de Santiago (the Way of St James). It is traditional for pilgrims to throw their boots away at this point, the brass boot is there to commemorate this practice. We did suggest to a mountain bike rider, who had just finished the way, that he should really throw his tyres away he was not very keen on the idea! There is a brief write up with photos along the way see https://bmwcluboxford.com/?p=3134 , I am sure one of the other members could do a much better job than this, any takers? We are also thinking of a trip to cover the south of Spain in the future. Steve

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