The BMW Club Journal July 2020 – Oxford Section Report


BMW Club Oxford Section Report for May 2020


Covid-19 Special: Which Facebook Group should I join?– Steve Moxey

Judging by the large number of motorcyclists who use Facebook groups this is a very popular way of communicating with friends and sharing motorcycle knowledge and experience. The BMW Club has a number of Facebook groups designed to assist members and BMW owners. How do you get the best from the different Facebook groups? This article aims to help.

An obvious point is that before you can use the BMW Club Facebook groups you will need to join Facebook itself – many of us will already have become Facebook members to communicate with our family and friends, add the BMW Club Facebook groups will take you further. Please note to protect the security of our members all of the BMW club Facebook groups are private which means that you cannot see the contents of the group unless you are a member.

BMW Club Oxford Facebook Group

The local sections, or groups, within The BMW Club often have their own Facebook groups. The Oxford Section has the BMW Club Oxford Facebook group which allows BMW Club Oxford Section members to communicate, announce events, and to provide relevant information about local activities. To join this group, you need to be a member of the BMW Club Oxford Section or to be an invited guest from within The BMW Club.

Joining the BMW Club Oxford Facebook group is very simple just click on this link! You will be asked to provide your name and BMW Club membership number, once this has been validated by Rosemary Hicks, our membership secretary, your request will be approved. Once you are a member of the BMW Club Oxford Facebook group make sure you read the pinned post which governs the rules of the group and post to announce your arrival – welcome aboard!

All of the members of this group are BMW Club members and you will probably know many of them outside of Facebook. We have a very high standard of behaviour on this Facebook group which is well respected by all of the members.

BMW Club Oxford Buy/Sell/Wanted Facebook Group

Selling and advertising is not allowed on the BMW Club Oxford Facebook group which is for social activity so we provide a separate BMW Club Oxford Buy/Sell/Wanted Facebook group for members to buy, sell or find motorcycle related items. You can join the BMW Club Oxford Buy/Sell/Wanted Facebook group here and the process is exactly the same as The BMW Club Oxford Facebook group.

BMW Club UK (The BMW Motorcycle Club Limited – Members Only) Facebook Group

The BMW Club consists of 15 local sections in the UK and Ireland and the BMW Club UK (The BMW Motorcycle Club Limited – Members Only) Facebook group provides a simple way of communicating and sharing information across the club and between sections. This is a national Facebook group and the members are all BMW Club members. As a BMW Club member, you can use it to reach a wider audience across the BMW Club perhaps for an event or to look for people interested in a particular aspect of motorcycling, or to publicise your exploits! Since the group membership are BMW Club members a high standard of behaviour is expected! Joining is again simple just click on the link and answer the questions, your details will be checked against the BMW Club membership database and then you will be approved.

BMW Club UK (The BMW Motorcycle Club Limited) Facebook Group

This national Facebook group is aimed at all BMW owners, not just BMW Club members. This group was founded in 2014 has now grown to 5,200 members – a very significant UK BMW motorcycle group. The purpose of this group is to allow the BMW Club to reach out BMW Owners to help them get more out of their BMW motorcycles and to encourage owners to join the BMW club. To join the group just click the link and answer the questions!. To join you will need to have a BMW motorcycle and to agree to read and abide by the group rules. It is probably fair to say that the conversation in this group is more ‘free-and-easy’ than in the BMW Club members-only groups, but the admins do regularly remove posts and members who break the rules!

There is also a BMW Club UK Buy/Sell/Wanted group with 4,500 members. Please remember that this group is BMW owners and has no link to the BMW Club, as always if you are buying or selling something exercise caution! To join just click here and answer the questions.

So Which BMW Club Facebook Groups Should I Join?

For BMW Club members looking to get the best from the BMW Club Facebook Groups you should join your local section Facebook group and also the BMW Club UK (The BMW Motorcycle Club Limited – Members Only) group. That way you will be able to join in discussions within the BMW Club both locally and nationally.

You could also join the wider BMW Club UK (The BMW Motorcycle Club Limited) group to participate in the wider BMW motorcycling scene and to help recruit BMW owners to the club.

If you are a BMW owner, then you are very welcome to join the BMW Club UK (The BMW Motorcycle Club Limited) group and of course we would love you to join the BMW Club – you can find details on how to join the BMW Club here. As a BMW Club member you will then have access to all of the BMW Facebook groups, the Journal monthly magazine, members’ discounts and an extensive calendar of riding and social activities. Have a look at this website to get a feel for what the BMW Club is about. If you are joining the BMW Club and you live in the Oxford area then remember to select ‘Oxford’ as your section!

“Oxford Meetup® Rides” – Dave Tomlinson 

We have introduced a new BMW Club riders’ group (Oxford Meetup® Rides) in support of TVAA. We are initially planning 2 midweek rides per month starting on Thursday March 12th and continuing throughout the summer. (Please sign up to the Meetup® group, that way you can see the type of rides we are arranging).

The first rides, together with their routes are already available on the app, see the links below: <bullet start>

Sign up: one

Join The Group: two

More Info: four

Oxford Meetup® Virtual Social Nites” – James O Shea 

Until we are back with our regular Meetup weekday rideouts (hopefully July 9th – see then our plan is to run online Pub Socials and Film nites on our Meetup platform. Our #4 film is ‘The Motorcycle Diaries’ available at Amazon Prime. We meet (virtually) next Wednesday 20th May at 7pm at the White Hart Inn, Swindon.
Full details published on the club”s Meetup page. If you haven’t joined up yet, it’s very simple. See…/

Just tap the ‘Attend’ button on the Meetup page. Look forward to seeing you on Wednesday.

 Future Events: March 2020 / June 2020 _ Cancelled until further notice

We hope that you are all safe and well, and we will also be updating the website regularly and posting on Facebook & Meetup any developments that allow us the ride as a group again.

Dave Tomlinson

or check the website at &

Oxford Section Contacts and Regular Meets

Secretary: Geoff Clough.

Membership Secretary: Rosemary Hicks, 15 Orchard Rise, Chesterton, Bicester. OX6 1US. 01869 240529.

Social Secretary: Dave Tomlinson, 07554 033284 Email:



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