The Sat Nav Survey

Dear Members,

Thank you all for participating in the Sat Nav survey and registering for more information and potential workshops. The survey produced some excellent results, which points us in the right direction to solve the most common challenges, which I would like to share with you:-

Which Sat Nav – This saw the vast majority of riders using a Garmin based device

  • Nav VI 11 Users
  • Nav V 39 Users
  • Nav IV 6 Users
  • Garmin 16 Users

Helmet Intercom – Those that used a Bluetooth intercom seemed to prefer a third party Bluetooth device:-

  • 3rd Party Bluetooth 27 Users
  • BMW 6 Comms system 15 Users
  • Cable Connection 7 Users

Features – Members were asked to rank the importance of various features of the systems, I have identified those ranked first: –

  • Simple Navigation
  • Planning Routes – Device
  • Planning Routes – Basecamp
  • Operation away from the motorcycle
  • Music
  • Sharing Routes
  • Weather
  • Traffic Avoidance
  • Upgrading Device – latest maps etc.
  • Integration with the motorcycle

Moving Forward – having compiled this information, importantly what are we going to do about it, to make sure our members get the most out of their expensive purchases. In the survey we posed a number of opportunities for learning and collaboration, this is what you said would be most useful for you: –

  • Sat Nav top tips guide
  • Sat Nav workshops
  • Sat Nav newsletter providing easy how to guides

We will be contacting you again shortly with an action plan and dates for the above ideas

Once again thank you for taking the time to complete the survey and provide us with the invaluable information on which to move forward.

Safe Riding

Dave Tomlinson

Social Secretary

BMW Club Oxford Section


Originally posted 2017-10-16 18:07:49.


Author: drdrsteve