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With the Satnav User Group started up, we need somewhere to discuss the foibles of our devices and hold useful bits of information. What we have come up with is the Satnav Forum where members of the satnav project can post ideas, news, tips, problems and of course solutions. The forum can be searched and so should be a good source of information about known problems, fixes and work-arounds. A new problem can be posted as a new topic with a hopefully constructive discussion about what the problem is and how it can be solved. We can also give BMW dealers access to the forum so that they can contribute to fixing problems and even take problems up with the BMW problem reporting system.

The Satnav User Group Forum is hosted on the Oxford Section website which has been around for some time, but now there is a new item FORUMS.

Click on FORUMS and you will see a list of lower level forums followed by the latest topics.

The satnav forums split things up into the main categories of interest to make it easier to find the stuff you want. We have forums for BaseCamp, Bluetooth Connection and Upgrading Software and Maps, to name just three of the areas likely to be of interest, judging from the reports we have had so far. There is a general forum for stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere else. New forums can be created if a lot of discussion appears that is not covered by the existing forums.

Each forum contains topics and each topic should be a single item of interest to make it easy to handle. A quick glance should be enough for another forum user to decide whether he wants to read the whole discussion or not. The top page of the forums has a list of the most recent topics so that you can keep up with the latest discussions.

Like most forums on the web, the satnav forum will be moderated. This ensures that topics appear in the right place and means that discussions about things which have nothing to do with satnavs can be removed. These could be advertising products (spam), about politics, about religion or just abusive which should not be on the Oxford Section website which is about BMW motorcycles after all.

The satnav forums are visible to everyone, but to post replies or set up new topics (for new problems) you must be a user on the Oxford Section website and have filled in the Satnav Survey to be a member of the Satnav User Group Project.

The value of the forums is really in the contribution that members make both in posting problems and in solving them, and the function of the Satnav Forum is to provide a repository for all the useful information that the Club has collectively.

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