Wunderlich Rack for K1300GT and R1200RTs

Just fitted to the K1300GT but also of interest to RT owners and other users of the BMW large topbox.

Now it is fitted it looks very good and will be handy for strapping on awkward objects and our Ortlieb bag when touring.

When fitting with the supplied paper template it is best to Sellotape the template to the top box and then mark the exact fitting position using the rack and a felt tip pen. I did not do this last step and paid for it will about an hour of carefully filing to get the holes right!


Author: drdrsteve

7 thoughts on “Wunderlich Rack for K1300GT and R1200RTs

  1. The rack looks great. Is this from Nippy Normans?
    I seen these in a bike mag when I had my RT but could not find where to purchase them from. Makes me wish I still had the RT !! well maybe not.
    Very nice addition. Happy Touring

    1. Hi Steve, I had a problem to in fitting this. I carefully cut and mounted the template, and checked before drilling. The ‘soft’ aluminium bolts for the 2 back fittings which have the angled washers were difficult to ‘catch’ in the rack recesses. So I ‘tried’ them whilst away from the top box to check the fitting. On doing this, one of these ‘soft’ screws withdrew the internal fitting, which I had to take to a mate who specialises in boosting Mini Engine performance. He refitted the internal fixing and supplied a couple of harder and better quality bolts.
      PS, Whilst visiting Rob (The Engineer), He’s working on a BMW K100 engine circa mid 80’s to fit to his own Mini engine block. Next time I see Him, I’ll take a pic!

  2. Hi Ken, the rack was £89.00 from Nippy Normans, see http://www.nippynormans.com/products/r1200rt-2010-on/item/top-box-rack-chrome-r1200rt-k1200gt-k1300gt . It looks to be good value for money and extends the carrying capacity on tour or if the item is a little bit longer than expected. I used my rack on the GS for folding chairs at last year’s BBQ for example.

    Fitting should be trivial PROVIDING you use the actual rack to check the template, which I forgot to do, live and learn.

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