Wunderlich Vario Screen R1200GSA


Just fitted to my R1200GS Adventure, is the new vario screen from Wunderlich, it was sitting in the box since the beginning of the year! This is a very clever design and has THREE methods of adjustment (1) using metal locking levers the upper screen can moved by about 20cm instantly (2) using an allen key the upper screen can be positioned on the mounts giving another 20cm of adjustment and finally (3) Wunderlich supply a large winter upper screen and a small summer upper screen, the winter screen is fitted in the pictures below.
The lower screen is smoked and overall the quality of construction is very good indeed.
Screen at LOWEST!
Screen at HIGHEST!
For more information see Wunderlich at Wunderlich Vario screen BMW R1200GSA. There is also a nice you tube video from Wunderlich USA:



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Author: drdrsteve

4 thoughts on “Wunderlich Vario Screen R1200GSA

  1. True! Actually I am also interested in the Wunderlich Vario Levers for the K1300GT, the reach is very long as standard. Will post on this as well.

  2. I love my GSA, but after the trip to Durham for the BMW Club AGM, I’m in need of an improved screen.

    Normal motoring is fine, but long blats on the Motorway leave me buffeted, tired and emotional (or is that when I’ve had a drink on arrival!)

    The Wunderlich screen looks very complicated.

    I saw a Ztechnik Vstream screen on a GSA today at North Oxford Garage. Has anyone used or know of anyone who has used one? It is bigger than the standard GSA screen and looks much smother. If you believe the blurb on the Ztechnik website, they have designed the turbulance away from the shoulder/neck/helmet rae so the result is much smoother and quieter.

    All answers (whether on a postcard or not) much appreciated.

  3. Hi Geoff, funny you should mention this but I was just changing the Ztechnik VStream screen on my K1300GT back to the standard BMW screen for the summer.

    So a general comment on the quality of the ZTechnick, it is very good! In fact I noticed that the BMW standard screen was quite a bit thinner, which is important to stop vibration on larger screens. The key is to choose a screen of the right height, you can measure the standard screen from middle of the bottom to the middle of the top and that dimension can be compared to what Ztechnik quote (or measured in NOG). A slightly wider screen will also help reduce wind turbulence.

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