Zoom Social and Film Club Night on Tue 16th June 2020

Hosted by Geoff Clough and James O’Shea

This was originally set up as a quiz to take place last Tuesday 9th June, but was postponed to next week. The format has been changed to allow an extended discussion without the need to register through Meetup®. All you need is the direct access link to the Zoom videoconference below:

Meeting ID: 913 3953 0289
Password: 386077

The evening will run from 7pm to about 10pm. Please feel free to drop in (or out) at any time using the Zoom Link: There will be a discussion on your views about the film and perhaps a short quiz. The majority of the evening will be spent chatting about general topics.

Tonight’s Motorcycle Film – The Best Bar in America

A whiskey-fuelled writing assignment takes one man on an epic motorcycle road trip through the bars and taverns across the American West. Motorcycling, sleeping on the ground, chasing mermaids, & drinking in America’s most legendary taverns, Sanders experiences first-hand the brotherhood of the bike and bar. Along the way he gets advice from Ernest Hemingway & Jim Harrison on writing & drinking

The photography is brilliant, especially when it comes to the “on the road” shots. They captured the expanse and beautiful desolation of the rural west.

The “motorcycle” is a BMW outfit. The whole tale is thoughtful and deep. The journey becomes a search for Sanders’ identity. Contains some colourful language and some brief adult scenes but is very watchable.

This film which you can watch in advance of the meeting is included as part of Amazon Prime membership or can be rented from Amazon Prime for £3.49.

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