The BMW Club Journal March 2018 – Oxford Section Report

BMW Club Oxford Section Report for January 2018

Monday 1st – New Year’s Day Ride In

The Oxford section held their first ride out of the season to the Lock Stock & Barrel at Newbury Wharf, as you can see from the photographs, the event was very well attended and enjoyed by all!

Sunday 14th January – Bring & Buy Indoor meeting

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Although rather grey weather, again, at least it wasn’t raining or too cold for the annual section Bring & Buy event held at the Memorial Hall, Uffington. The catering team arrived early enough to get the bacon and burgers cooking before the masses arrived to eat them at 13.00 hrs; and very good they were too! A bit amusing that there were some ‘hot cross buns’ available that had to be eaten as they had a limited ‘best before’ date this early for Easter; but they were tasty.

Members had the choice of riding to the event, as it might be the last good weather for a few weeks, but wouldn’t be able to carry many purchased items or bring all that stuff cluttering the garage that they bought last year to sell again – or come by car to enable larger volumes. With the car this meant people were tempted to buy larger and more stuff to replace the stuff they just cleared from the garage of course.

To the section it doesn’t matter as the event is both a social event between 13.00 and doors open at 14.00 and a sales opportunity from 14.00 onwards plus the section makes a small amount on the day.

Everyone had fun and there were even a couple of nice classic bikes in the car park amongst the newer machines.

Make a date for next year to bring the stuff you bought this year back to allow another section member to store it in their garage for another year!?

Such fun. My thanks to John Broad for this article

16th January onwards – Venue Change

Our Pub Social is moving home, please make a note of the new address: Tawny Owl, Taw Hill, North Swindon, Swindon SN25 1WR

Oxford Section Sat Nav Project and Survey

Earlier in the year we announced the start of the Oxford Section Sat Nav Project between the Oxford Section and North Oxford Garage. The aim of the project is to improve our collective knowledge of how to use our Sat Nav’s and to help members get the best from them.

We have produced an electronic newsletter, and now we are working on a booklet supported by a local dealer of top 100 tips. The first of a number of workshops is organised for January addressing some of the issues identified by our members.

Drop me a line if you would like an insight into the results

Future Events: February / April 2018

March 11 Indoor meeting: Uffington Village Hall, SN7 7RA. Speaker Rob Braybrooke 14.00.

March 22 Diamond Light Source tour: Harwell OX11 0DE. 18.30 Catherine Moxey

April 8 Ride out: Tour of the Shires. Depart Sun Inn SN3 6AA 9.30. Phil Carter

April 15 Ride out: Steve Halliday

May 6 Ride out: Hayes Motor Museum Yeovil Somerset BA22 7LH. Meet 9.30 Newbury Wharf RG14 5AS Noel Robertson

Don’t forget to make a note of the dates from the trifold calendar that you wish to attend into your diaries, we will also be updating the website regularly and posting on Facebook.

Here’s to safe riding and some good weather.

Dave Tomlinson


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